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Good afternoon Nikkola Newsletterers!

Today marks the end of my wife, Vanessa's decade-long commitment to building an essential oils business. I've seen her grow, shed tears, share hugs, and be touched by literally thousands of people, and she's positively impacted them right back. It's incredible to think back to when it started, and the fact that we weren't even grandparents yet. Now, our grandson is nine years old!

Many of you who read my newsletter know how incredible Vanessa is as a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, egg farmer, health advocate, and so much more. It would be great if you'd take a moment to send her a message on Facebook or Instagram to say something nice.

Though we're wildly excited about what's coming next (hint in today's Deep Dive), there's also a fair amount of sadness that comes from leaving all the people she's interacted with for the past 3000+ days.

We believe what we'll be doing next has the potential to impact millions and millions of people at a time when they need it more than ever. I believe it could even help you or someone you know. And it's a business we'll be able to build side-by-side. Much more to come!

Enjoy today’s carefully curated newsletter!

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📖 Deep Dives

Unshakable: The Ultimate Anti-Anxiety Mental and Physical Fitness Program. According to the Census Bureau, almost one-third of adults reported symptoms of anxiety or depression in 2023. When they broke the statistics down by age group, they found that:

  • 50% of 18-24 year olds
  • 38% of 25-49 year olds
  • 29.3% of 50-64 year olds
  • 20% of those 65+ had symptoms of depression or anxiety in 2023.

Mental health issues are slightly more prevalent in women than in men. The 35-44 year old age group had the highest increase in mental illness between 2019-2023, increasing from 31% to 45%. Generalized Anxiety Disorder is the most common of all mental health issues, affecting about 6.8 million people.

​The good news is, if you’re dealing with subpar mental health, you’re not alone. There are a lot of people looking for ways to improve their mental wellness, and finding few answers. In many cases, the solution lies inside us, just as it does with our ability to manage weight and improve longevity.

Read (or listen to): Unshakable: The Ultimate Anti-Anxiety Mental and Physical Fitness Program.

Happy Juice™ Pack

Why You Need It

  • Boosts mood and motivation*
  • Provides overall health for the second brain, the gut*
  • Enhances mental performance*
  • Provides fuel for a highly productive day*

What It Is

  • Includes Amare's three most popular and trusted mental wellness products: (1) MentaBiotics, (1) Energy+, (1) Amare EDGE
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients that are clinically validated to optimize neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and GABA*

How It Works

  • MentaBiotics improves the gut-brain axis and optimizes mental wellness resilience*
  • Energy+ delivers rapid improvements in brain and physical performance, without the jitters or crash*
  • Amare EDGE provides all-natural nootropic that support motivation*

I can't wait for you to try this!

🥩 Nutrition

Maybe higher protein intakes don't boost metabolic rate. In a new study exploring the effects of resistance exercise (RE) and high-protein diets on older adults, findings show that RE significantly improves muscle mass, resting metabolism, and overall energy expenditure when not moving. A high-protein diet, particularly through whey protein, supports body weight maintenance and reduces body fat. However, this diet alone may lower the resting fat burn rate while bumping up protein burn during sleep, thus reducing protein balance over a 24-hour period. The study anticipated an increase in energy expenditure components due to the high-protein diet, but the outcomes didn't match expectations, especially when compared with younger individuals. Interestingly, resistance exercise seemed to decrease overall physical activity levels outside of exercise—a result often seen in older populations following exercise programs, which might be due to exercise-related fatigue or the body’s attempt to maintain energy balance. It’s also worth mentioning that while the high-protein diet did increase protein oxidation, particularly overnight, this didn't lead to an increase in overall energy expenditure. This could be due to the body's adaptation to increased protein intake, suggesting that while there are benefits to muscle mass and weight management, there may not be a corresponding increase in energy burned. With this new research in mind, there must be another reason higher-protein diets lead to weight loss and improved body composition.

💊 Supplementation

L-Arginine + Pyconogenol Effective with ED. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not just a personal issue; it's a complex condition that affects countless men and can diminish their quality of life. The development of ED stems from a mix of vascular, hormonal, neurological, and lifestyle factors, among others. In the quest for better treatments, a recent study has put the spotlight on a combined treatment with PAL, showing promising results in enhancing sexual function without notable side effects. This combined therapy, when compared with a placebo, led to marked improvements in sexual satisfaction, though it didn't significantly alter testosterone levels. Despite these encouraging outcomes, the study also calls for more extensive research to solidify these findings, pointing out limitations such as varying study lengths and subjective patient evaluations. Overall, the use of PAL presents a potential new avenue for clinicians in the battle against ED, particularly for middle-aged and older men with mild to moderate symptoms.

🏋️‍♂️ Exercise

Ladies, you need to train hard when you lift weights. Pink dumbbells won't cut it. During a 20-week study, premenopausal women with active menstrual cycles and higher estrogen levels saw more significant increases in fat-free mass, muscle mass, and muscle thickness than postmenopausal women. Yet, when it came to gaining strength, both groups made similar progress, regardless of hormone levels. This challenges the notion that hormonal status is a big player in strength gains for untrained women. Surprisingly, despite exercises that required a strong grip, improvements in grip strength didn't occur during the training phase, suggesting that other factors may better predict muscle health and mortality risk than grip strength alone. The study also hinted at the importance of training volume, especially for postmenopausal women, suggesting they might need higher training volumes to see muscle growth. Some postmenopausal participants even saw a decrease in muscle mass with low-intensity training, but not with moderate-intensity training. Additionally, only premenopausal women in moderate-intensity RT lost significant fat mass, indicating that both training frequency and volume are critical for fat loss. These results underline that tailored RT regimens may be necessary to optimize muscle growth and fat loss for middle-aged women, and that high-volume, moderate-intensity training with free weights can be particularly beneficial.

Resistance training, when done right, can be game-changing for those with diabetes. A new study with diabetics found that the best results came from doing resistance training for 12-16 weeks, with exercises performed at 70-80% of the maximum weight a person can lift, done 2-3 times a week. Each session should include 3 sets of 8-10 reps of each exercise, and taking less than a minute break between sets. The study reveals that more reps per set can predict a bigger drop in HbA1c, which is good news for preventing diabetes complications. In fact, better HbA1c control can slash the risk of heart attacks and even death related to diabetes. They also highlight that the intensity of the workout and sticking with the program play big roles in success. Shorter rest times between sets might give an extra edge by upping muscle strength and in turn, better blood sugar management.

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🌎 Other News

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