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Better Sleep, Meat & Diabetes, Headaches, Squat Breaks, and Much, Much More

Good afternoon Nikkola Newsletterers! I was reflecting on the career of a friend of mine, Charles Poliquin, today. Arguably, Charles was one of the best, if not the best, and most decorated strength coaches and fitness experts in the world. Sadly, he passed away five years ago. While he was a walking library, having read everything from textbooks to classical literature in English and French, his curiosity and willingness to try new things gave him his wisdom and success. We try to live with...
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5 days ago • 6 min read

Fat Loss Factors, Our Choice, Dad's Alcohol, Lawsuits, Sleep Debt, and Much, Much More

Good afternoon Nikkola Newsletterers! ISO: experienced, advanced health and fitness professionals. If you know any health and fitness professionals (personal trainers, nutrition coaches, strength coaches, chiropractors, mind-body instructors, etc.) who understand fitness beyond just sets, reps, and exercises, I'd love to connect with them. We're trying to build a small army of fitness professionals who'd love to take on the movement of mental wellness as a way to enhance the results their...
19 days ago • 8 min read

Happy Together, Arginine & Citrulline, Soft(er) American, Gut-Prostate Health, Monoclonal Antibodies, and Much More

Good afternoon Nikkola Newsletterers! I started personal training on October 1, 2001. I've been using supplements since 1993, when I bought Joe Weider's Mass Gainer. The supplement industry has come a long way since then. I've tried and analyzed hundreds of brands. Formulated nutritional products for the fitness company I worked for most of my career. I also worked for a practitioner-based manufacturer. I've been responsible for the conception, sourcing, formulating, packaging, education, and...
26 days ago • 9 min read

Moving On, Unshakable, Happy Juice, Protein and RMR, L-Arginine + Pycnogenol, and Much More

Good afternoon Nikkola Newsletterers! Today marks the end of my wife, Vanessa's decade-long commitment to building an essential oils business. I've seen her grow, shed tears, share hugs, and be touched by literally thousands of people, and she's positively impacted them right back. It's incredible to think back to when it started, and the fact that we weren't even grandparents yet. Now, our grandson is nine years old! Many of you who read my newsletter know how incredible Vanessa is as a...
29 days ago • 7 min read

Visceral Fat, Sleep Debt -> Dementia, Mobile Phones & Fertility, Infant Death Rate Increase, and Much, Much More

Good afternoon Nikkola Newsletterers! Do you have plans on Monday evening? If not, join me for my first webinar in a long time, The Mentalbolic Masterclass. This will be the only time you can attend for free. Check out the details below! Also, if you know anyone who could use VIGOR Training (or you've been sitting on the fence about joining), you've got less than four weeks to get in while the membership rate is only $49 per month. After that, it goes up to $147 per month. Enjoy today’s...
about 1 month ago • 6 min read

Melatonin, Lavender, NAC, Creatine, Antidepressants, Metabolic Syndrome, and Much, Much More

Good afternoon Nikkola Newsletterers! And a special welcome to the 389 new subscribers in the past week. Thank you to so many of you who've shared this newsletter with others! If you know someone who'd get value from this, please send them your personalized referral link: [RH_REFLINK GOES HERE]. By the way, if you're celebrating Halloween tomorrow or handing out candy, remember this famous quote: 🎃 I'm sure glad I finished off the leftover Halloween candy, so it didn't go to waste. No one,...
about 1 month ago • 7 min read

Quercetin, Kid's Ozempic, GLP-1 Issues, Forever Chemicals, Exercise for ED, and Much, Much More

Good afternoon Nikkola Newsletterers! It's been a week since I first introduced the Men's and Women's Fitness Daily Packs. I'm so excited about the response and know those who ordered them will love them. One of the benefits I keep mentioning is the convenience of having five supplements packaged together into a morning and evening pillow pack. I'm typing this from a hotel room in Los Angeles, where I have a meeting later today, so I got to experience that benefit myself this week. Instead...
about 1 month ago • 7 min read

Secrets of Success, Muscle & Mental Health, mRNA, Science?, and Much, Much More

Good afternoon Nikkola Newsletterers! I learned long ago the value of investing time and effort in personal development to build mental strength and resilience, just like investing time and effort in exercise and nutrition to build physical strength and resilience. A couple of weeks ago, Vanessa showed me a new personal growth project Russel Brunson was going to launch. I got on the waiting list that day. Today, it went live! I just got a copy of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill for...
about 1 month ago • 5 min read

Measuring Body Comp, Protein Needs, Global Integrative Health, Weak Muscles, Education Depression, and Much, Much More

Good afternoon Nikkola Newsletterers! You know how some dogs walk their owners, running after whatever they want to chase while the owner struggles to hold onto the leash while getting pulled everywhere except where they want to go? And then some owners walk their well-behaved dogs, with the dog obediently walking alongside the owner, stopping or sitting wherever the owner commands. Our minds are a lot like those dogs. We either keep them under control, or they control us. I tried to create...
2 months ago • 7 min read

Tight Muscles, NAC, 3000 Steps, Waist-to-Hip, Stress Tests, and Much, Much More

Good afternoon Nikkola Newsletterers! Before getting into this week's newsletter, I've got something exciting to share with you! At least, I'm excited. I hope you will be, too. I'm adding a new 9-week VIGOR Training Fast Start course, officially, next week. But, if you'd like to jump in now, you'll get access to the first, introductory lesson right away, and the second lesson should be available by the end of the week. I considered offering the course as a stand-alone option for $500, but...
2 months ago • 7 min read
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